Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cloth Diapers 101

 My most commonly asked question is why do I cloth diaper & where do I begin? I cloth diaper for many reasons but to be honest the first reason is because of all the harmful chemicals that are in a disposable diaper. It is sad that this poison is even allowed anywhere close to a human let alone a little tiny developing baby! Above is a video on all the ingredients of a plastic diaper, it's horrifying! Please watch it & pass it on.

The cost to cloth diaper will be the turning point for most families especially if you have more than one babe! Trust me on this one, when you do the math you will need to sit down. It's a huge huge huge say the least.

Cloth Diapering can be so completely overwhelming and most just don't know where to begin.

This just proves that cloth diapering is NOT what your grandmother used to do. "Services" are a thing of the past. Diapers these days can be a fashion statement, they are BEAUTIFUL!

Some posts on FB ask " show me what is covering your babies buns right now" & in flies all these amazing pix of the cutest baby bums in hand made, & designer nappies!

There are pre folds, All In Ones (aka AIO), wool, covers, snaps, velcro, longies, soakers, fitted, & it goes on & on.

Also there is an amazing community to buy/sell, & swap diapers second hand. . I just went to this site to make sure I had it right for posting & bought 4 items!

Then there is soap, care for your wool ( wool is a MUST in any diaper system ), & WET BAGS!! O.K. breath...we will get through this.

SIMPLIFY: 2 Dozen Organic Prefolds from  if you by the smalls your baby will grow out of them fast but you can use them as liners. I mostly use Med. & X Large.
I like Thirsty & Bummies for covers, but with SNAPS ONLY. Velcro doesn't last as long & if you want to sell your diaper system after your done or have another babe on the way the velcro just doesn't hold up. My favorite cover is GroVia with snaps.
GroVia covers can also have a disposable inserted for long trips, or when you don't have access to washing machines during travel.
the owner Heather has a shop in Fairfield CA you can actually go to, meet other mamas, & take a peak at the cloth diaper world instead of guessing with on-line purchases.

Night System: Wool & a brand called Sustainablebabyish or Sbish. These diapers can hold the ocean! Get a great cover to go with a sbish & your night system is bullet proof.

Wool: I love the world of wool. The hand knitted wool longies & shorties are a must in any cloth diaper system. DO NOT DRY WOOL in the dryer! Wool must be hand washed & lanolized.

Soap: just go order it! You can't wash your diapers in traditional detergents. It is not only full of chemicals ( another post ) but it breaks down your diapers & stops them from absorbing liquid.

Wet Bag: You need a place to store your diapers while they wait to be washed & when you are out & about after a ditty change. Simply put...a wet bag. These are also available at

So that's it! I told my sister I want to have another baby so I can cloth diaper longer...she said I was crazy!

I wouldn't have been able to sort through all the choices or even know where to look if it were not for other moms...thanks Jill & Chrissy ;)

I have some pix up of Charlotte in Longies & upcycled sweater pants from also can be used as diaper covers.

This is a pic of hand made wool shorties, cloth diaper cover & shorts in one.

Charlotte's pants are from They used to be a lams wool sweater from Jcrew
Happy diapering ;)


  1. We are using cloth diapers (or 'reusable nappies' as they are known over here) and they have brilliant!!! Saved us so much money and we don't have it on our conscience that they are filling up landfill sites taking hundreds of years to breakdown! we would def recommend them too! :) I didn't realise about the poisonous chemicals in disposables! Even bigger bonus!

  2. I didn't know about the poisonous chemicals in disposable diapers, either, although when my two children were young, I used cloth diapers on them for the mere sake of saving money. The diapers were horrendously expensive at the time and both of them needed diapers and we were living paycheck by paycheck. Fortunately, stores still sold "burp rags" as they were called and my babies never developed rashes from them. Just washed the diapers by themselves in the washer with Ivory Snow and they came out fine. Anyway, congrats to your new blog, Jessica!

  3. Hello Alexis & Linda! Thanks for posting! This is so exciteing I wish I could make a job out of it! Yes the chemicals are kept hush hush. I have been told if you call any of the big named diaper companies they will not tell you whats in the diapers..sad. Overall we have saved thousands of dollars by diapering 2 in cloth. Alexis I usually call diapers nappies too, I love that word! How is your baby bellie doing? I want to have another but Mike thinks I'm crazy!! I'm addicted to everything motherhood ;)
    Love you both