Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Choose Organic?

The extra cost? Is it really necessary? Where am I supposed to buy it? What is the true meaning of organic? What is wrong with what I am feeding my family now? I don't have time to cook!

All valid questions and concerns, I hear them almost daily. I hope this post eases your concerns & converts you to choose organic.

This subject is a passion for me. I am so disappointed in the quality of our food in America and the fact that our government allows it and encourages it. On the other hand I am so thankful I live in CA for the reason of access to local farms & the weather to grow our own.

So what exactly is the meaning of "Organic"? Organic is food grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones. Synthetic fertilizers are put on plants to more less kill bugs & the damage they do to the crops. This can be done in so many ways; it doesn't have to be harmful to those of us whom consume the food. Despite the research done on the harmful effects of most synthetic fertilizers our government still allows it to be heavily distributed in conventional foods. I am sure our decision makers on this topic are ruled by the all mighty dollar...

When I shop at a conventional grocery store I only visit a few isles. The Natural Foods section if the store has one, and the organic produce section.
Safeway's Organic Brand O
Today stores have their own Organic brands now. This is good because organic food is so much more available. Unfortunately because the Big Box companies want a piece of this puzzle the quality restrictions have been lowered. Nonetheless it's still much much better than completely non-organic foods.

I buy all our staple items in our home as well as out meat, fruit, & vegetables 100% organic no exceptions!

We have our fruit & vegetables delivered from this is a co-op of local farms that deliver seasonal fruit & vegetables to the surrounding cities. If you are interested in receiving this too make sure to put in the code 6164 and mention my name. You will get $5 off & I will get a free box!

My meat is from a local butcher that buys from an organic farm.

Now listen... if you are not eating organic but would like to start, start here:

Chicken & beef are absolutely infested with hormones to grow faster, antibiotics to keep from getting sick, & they are fed genetically modified food! I mean really COME ON!!! How is the world is this even food at the end of the day?? It makes me's making YOU sick! Why do we wonder why we are getting sicker as a nation? Look at what is in our so-called "food"! Obesity, (we look like the hormone injected cows), cancer, food allergies, asthma, all higher than ever before in the history of humanity. Think about it...
Please watch Super Size It & King Corn. Rent it or buy them & pass them along to your family. These movies will change your life!

Whole Foods Market is a beautiful inspiring store. I would call it my "Happy Place"! We will soon be getting a Whole Foods about 10 minutes from us! Right now there is one in Sac. & one in Roseville both of which are 20-25 minutes away. Whole Foods has a general rule that NOTHING in their store will be allowed in if it has synthetic preservatives. This is music to my ears. That means no trans fats & so many other forms of poison will not be on their shelves. We will go visit Whole Foods on Friday nights, pick out a beautiful, healthy, clean meal from the gigantic deli and let the kids play in the play section conveniently located in the cafe. The problem with Whole Foods is it is can be expensive due to the highest of quality they put on their foods. They buy Salmon only in Alaska from fisherman that fish without nets! That is just a glimpse of the quality they require. It is the true meaning of " you get what you pay for "

Costco...well I could post a lot about Costco but for now I will say we shop there because they have a large selection of organic foods at a great price. I want to make clear that I am highly disappointed that we are forced to shop there. As much as I wish I could shop 100% at the small businesses like Co-Ops & the like as to support, Costco has the buying power to literally squash the competition...and they are. If I had unlimited funds I wouldn't step foot in the place, but I don't so until then I have no choice. I make a special effort to only buy what we need & not get caught up in all the consumerism while we are there. We don't impulse buy & walk out of that warehouse with a basket of bath salts the size of my head, a camera, & 47 socks along with my organic groceries...Please people have some self control...PLEASE!

Finally cooking. I was asked today if I like to cook, this was my answer. " I can't say I love it but I am passionate about it because I want to have control over my food. I want to know every bit of the ingredients. I want to control the salt & fat content". I guess you could call me a food snob but it's not for the high-end reasons (although I very much enjoy fine foods) it's more for quality reasons. I stay away from MSG, trans fats, yellow #5, & the like. That means very little from a box or can. We even make our own chicken nuggets!

Please see this link for the History of Trans Fats

Info on Yellow #5

I really like Dr. Joseph Mercola I encourage you to visit his website & sign up for his posts on FB.
Here is a link on MSG from Dr.Mercola

I have a ministry of taking moms to the stores I shop at & the stores they shop at & show them what to buy. I also teach what not to buy & why. Let me know if you want me to help your family!

If you want to make a change in your kitchen start with these 5 tips & work your way into a "no tolerance" stance:

1. Throw out all things in your kitchen that have Partially Hydrogenated Oils & Pre packaged foods
2. Start with buying organic meat & milk
3. Don't cook anything in the microwave
4. Start to phase out of buying brands like Kellogg, Nabisco, General Mills, & Foster Farms. Replace these brands with Annie's & buy the stores own Organic Brand Name.
5. No soda! Replace it with Hansen's All Natural Soda or better yet drink water

If you live in or around Folsom check out The Grocery Outlet. It is fairly new & has an entire Natural & Organic section at fabulous prices! They also have a great gourmet cheese section for your next party.

In closing I will leave you with my mantra..."If God didn't make it, we don't eat it"


  1. Ok, Jessica. We need to talk! :) I need baby steps. I am single, work, four kids pack lunches (of JUNK) every day...and snack junk at home. I have a VERY small window for shopping and for cooking...and very picky eaters. (I know...don't complain about what you allow)....but here I am. :)

    Several years ago, i heard a speaker who had written a book, Real Food, I think...or SLow food. can't remember. I was inspired.

    BUT overwhelmed...and I did nothing in the end. Well, I did move us to organic milk, then a year later went back to non, due to cost.

    So I need baby steps...even if it ends up being a two year plan (or one year), the what's for dinner and what's for one of my biggest thorns.

    I cry at the packages of red and orange boxes come home in the disguise of kids lunches and snacks!

    Help! :) I would love to figure out how to start just there first. And pack something healthy they will eat. (They pack their own lunches, but it is based on what is in my cupboard and fridge.)

    I may visit Whole Foods today...just to see. sigh..

    My FIRST hurdle

  2. Sandee thanks for the comment and I can help! I can do a "Pantry Detox". Come over & help you get rid of all the garbage in your pantry with all the reasons why. Also I can take you to the stores I shop at. I will take you to my butcher, my bargain spots, & show you where to go/shop in conventional grocery stores (it's just a few isles) I will also give you a snap shot of why certain items are toxic, and a resouce guide for future meals. The grocery outlet in Folsom is great for healthy organic snacks you can use for lunches. We can talk at church in the morning. :)

  3. Sandee I wanted to share this gals site with you.

    Furgal Granola...her info is in "People I Follow"
    I follow her on FB etc...Every Sunday she posts a menu plan for the week.

    You don't have to follow exact but it gave me inspiration to plan my week so I don't go to the store all the time.

    Also on Sundays I spend some time in the kitchen prepping. I cook chicken & ground up some beef so I can just pull it out during the week. I also chop up veggies & make "to go" containers with fruit, veggies, humus, ranch, cheese, etc.. so when someone is hungry at home or on the go they grab that & not junk.

    Finally I don't know if you have ever thought of cooking a Turkey in the "off season" but it is so helpful! You can have turkey sandwiches for days! Also make broth & freeze it for future soups or just use it to boil pasta in for extra flavor.

    It's so much cheaper than the processed nitrate filled salt slices you get from the deli ;)

    Hope this helps